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Digital Wallet

Google Pay, Apple Pay, & Samsung Pay

With a quick tap of your phone, you can use your Visa Debit card to pay at over one million U.S. merchant locations that accept mobile payments. You get all of the same benefits your card offers, including added protection of Visa Zero Liability*. When you use one of the trusted solutions below, your payment information is never shared with merchants or stored on your device.
Google Paylets you make secure in-store, in-app and online payments from your Android® phone. Just sign up with your Alden State Bank Visa Debit Card and add your favorite loyalty and gift cards, too, and you're ready to pay in a whole new way.
 Apple Pay
Apple Paylets you make easy, secure and private in-store and in-app purchases at participating retailers. Load your Alden State Bank Visa Debit Card and pay right from your Apple® device.
 Samsung Pay
Samsung Paylets you make secure in-store mobile payments from an eligible Samsung® device. Just sign up with your Alden State Bank Visa Debit Card and you're ready to tap & pay instantly. 
Digital Wallet (also called mobile wallet or mobile payment) refers to payment services performed from or via a mobile device. Instead of paying with an actual debit card, customers can convert their card (also called “provisioning” their card) into Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay and pay for goods or services digitally via tokenization.
Tokenization is the replacement of a card number, or PAN (Primary Account Number), with a pseudo-number called a “token” for use in a digital payment transaction. Tokenization was introduced to provide an additional layer of defense against fraud by allowing the token to be stored and used in the merchant environment in place of a PAN.

There are two different ways in which customers can use the card(s) within their wallet – either In Store using Tap & Pay, or In App when shopping online.

Using Digital Wallet In Store (Tap & Pay):  Each Digital Wallet functions slightly different from other Digital Wallets, but essentially, a customer activates their wallet by opening the App or using a quick access feature available on the payment terminal of the merchant and holding their phone or device near the terminal.  This Tap & Pay feature can only be used at merchants that accept these types of NFC (Near Field Communication) transactions.

Note: Samsung pay can be used at most terminals, not just an NFC enabled terminal. This is based on the different technology it uses to communicate with the terminal.

Using Digital Wallet In App:  When paying at checkout on many of today’s popular online merchant sites, the customer will simply choose their Digital Wallet as the payment option within the app and their payment and delivery details should auto-populate.

Anytime the your card information changes from the information you originally entered when setting up Digital Wallet on your device, you will need to re-provision the card. For example, if your card expiration date changes, or if you receive a new card due to a breach or because it was lost or stolen, you will need to provision the card again and provide the updated information.

Apple Pay’s security requires each user to utilize a fingerprint, so even if the device is lost or stolen, the person in possession of the device would still need the iPhone owner’s fingerprint to activate the use of Apple Pay.

Regarding a lost or stolen Samsung device, a Samsung payment cannot be made from the device unless it is authorized by way of a fingerprint or the PIN chosen during the set-up process.

If an Android device is lost or stolen, customers can use Android Device Administrator to lock the device remotely, create a new password, and wipe their personal information from the device.

Regardless of which brand of device is lost or stolen, we also recommend that the customer notify their mobile carrier, and call the Customer Service number on the back of their card as well so the card issuer can disable the card from the digital wallet.

Note: If a cardholder has enabled the “Find my phone” app, they can use this to remotely lock their device.

You should call the card issuer’s call center to have the card closed. You should also remove the lost or stolen card from your wallet using the “Remove Card” option. When you receive your replacement card, you will need to add the new card to your wallet before using Digital Wallet to make any purchases.
Digital Wallet transactions will be listed like traditional debit card transactions on your monthly statement.

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